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    Posted on Apr 26, 2016

    Two Best Friends Dressed Each Other For A Week And They're Still Friends

    Friends don't let friends wear bad clothing.

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    Macey J. Foronda / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    I'm Lara, and my style can best be described as "She wears the same three outfits over and over again." I don't branch out often — and when I do, it's something that's black. Because, duh.

    And I'm Kirsten. I would best describe my style as "a broke version of Cher from Clueless." I like dressing like it's still the '90s, and I tie things around my waist almost daily without ever intending to actually wear them.

    But like most best friends, we see each other differently than we see ourselves. So we decided to dress each other for a week to help each other out of our comfort zones. The rules were simple:

    1. We would pick out five outfits for each other from our own clothes — so we'd be wearing our own stuff, but the other person could style it however they wanted.

    2. We would HAVE to wear them.

    3. We couldn't give any suggestions.

    4. We had to do our hair how the other instructed we wear it.

    5. No changing outfits throughout the day.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kirsten's thoughts on her outfit: I felt ready to hang out in Venice Beach or a hipster flea market in this outfit. I actually got a ton of compliments on the hat, which was nice because whenever I wear a hat in public I feel like I'm screaming, YES, HELLO, I HAVE A WIDE-BRIMMED HAT ON MY HEAD. I would probably never put this outfit together myself, but I felt comfy and cute.

    Lara's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: Kirsten never wears this dress, and it's so freaking cute on her, so I made her wear it. She also NEVER wears hats, and I don't get why, because hats were essentially created for her. She's definitely a hat person. It's not fair. I love this outfit because it shows how chill and carefree she can be while still looking cute as fuck.


    Lara's thoughts on her outfit: Um. OK. I like the jean skirt. The rest is...interesting. I never curl my hair, because I am not very good at it, AS YOU CAN SEE IN THIS PICTURE. I love my Keds but don't feel like I can pull them off, and I would never choose to pair them with this weird flowy top. I didn't hate this outfit, but I also didn't like it.

    Kirsten's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: I tend to gravitate toward sporty meets retro, so I subconsciously made Lara do the same for the week. You can see by how white those Keds are that she never takes them out of her closet. Whenever we hang out I'm constantly asking her why she hasn't worn certain pieces in her closet, so this week I made it my mission to let some of those pieces see the light of day.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kirsten's thoughts on her outfit: I NEVER wear my hair up. I blame this on a kid who relentlessly called me Legolas from Lord of The Rings in middle school. In retrospect, Orlando Bloom played Legolas and he's sexy maybe it was a low-key compliment. I definitely didn't feel like myself on this day, but people seemed to dig it, so I guess stepping outside my typical style isn't a bad thing.

    Lara's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: Um, this outfit is adorable. DISCLAIMER: I did not tell Kirsten to tie her shirt. This was her doing. Please contact her with all complaints. Otherwise, I think this is a perfect, chill, adorable outfit for work and a fun happy hour after. She also NEVER wears her hair up, so I made her, and she didn't really perfect the messy bun, but there's still time. I like her ears. She should too.


    Lara's thoughts on her outfit: Haha. I don't even know what to say. I love my Adidas capris, but I would never wear them with a jean jacket. Honestly, though, I didn't hate this outfit. I mean, people did ask me why I was wearing a weird hat to work. But I actually felt pretty cool overall. +1 Kirsten.

    Kirsten's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: OK, so I knew Lara was going to hate this outfit, but she's got such an amazing figure (I sound like a middle-aged mom saying that) and she rarely shows it off. I think we're our own worst critics, so I wanted to show her she looks amazing in whatever.

    FOR THE RECORD: When I (Lara) told Kirsten to untie her shirt...she didn't listen.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kirsten's thoughts on her outfit: Weirdly this outfit was the one I felt most uncomfortable in. I felt like a Nashville country singer minus the actual musical talent. It's not like the outfit isn't cute, but I think I use my clothes to express my mood and say something about myself. So on this day I just felt like I wasn't saying what I wanted to.

    Lara's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: She looks cute as fuck with a side of naughty schoolgirl. She's just mad she didn't come up with this outfit herself, probably. Wear this shirt more, Kirsten.


    Lara's thoughts on her outfit: OK, this outfit is the REAL WINNER HERE. While I was wearing this outfit, a woman literally rolled down her car window as she passed by to ask me where I got my shirt. For the record, I got it at Forever 21. I felt awesome in this. I will DEFINITELY wear it again even though I already Instagrammed a picture of it.

    Kirsten's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: I picked this outfit for Lara because it felt most true to her style. And because I have been really wanting to borrow those shoes but my damn feet don't fit in them. I think she looks cute and casual and really comfortable in her own skin — which is exactly how you want to see your best friend, yanno?

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kirsten's thoughts on this outfit: So these pants are a lot. One of my co-workers was walking up the stairs behind me and said, "You're not wearing underwear, are you?" (SRY, HR.) Which explains why my hand is awkwardly slung behind my back in this picture, because I felt like my booty was OUT ON THE TOWN this day. I would probably wear it again...just maybe not to work.

    Lara's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: She looks freaking awesome. One of Kirsten's best assets is her ASS. HAH. Do you get it? But seriously. So I chose to show it off. I'm sure NO ONE was complaining. She should wear this more often. Wear it everywhere. Free the ass.


    Lara's thoughts on her outfit: This outfit can burn in witch hell. I hate it. I look like a freaking Pilgrim. Which is like, fine, but it's not 1620.

    Kirsten's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: I call this "Wednesday Addams on her way to a coven meeting." Also, Lara (like me) never wears hats but owns a bunch of I put her in this one partially to spite her for putting me in two hats in one week, and partially because she looks adorable in it.

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kirsten's thoughts on her outfit: OK, I have worn this dress one other time, and it was in Vegas, and I ended the night with my shoes in one hand and pizza in the other. I think it was definitely dressier than I normally get for work, and I kinda look like someone who does an #OOTD every day on Instagram, but...damn, I look cute! Witchy Vegas outfit for the win.

    Lara's thoughts on why she picked this outfit: This outfit is iconic. She has great legs, and she should show them off always, at all times. And she rocks the witch/coven/badass bitch and I am here for it. If I saw her wearing this while walking down the street, I would want to be her friend. Good thing I already am.


    Lara's thoughts on her outfit: This outfit is pretty great. I mean, hopefully no one yells at me for wearing Adidas with Converse, but otherwise I look A+. Would wear again AND Instagram.

    Kirsten's thought's on why she picked this outfit: I think this is my favorite look I put together for Lara. And tbh, I'm probably going to text her and ask her to borrow it right now. I think she looks casual and sporty. She looks like one of those people you walk by and you're like, they're too cool to be my friend. But like, hey, that's my friend!

    Why Kirsten liked this look: When Lara pulled this out of my closet, I was like, "No." It's not something I would ever think of putting on myself. And the hat, well, I mentioned before how I feel about hats. But I actually felt confident and sexy and like I had legs for days. I'll definitely give credit where credit is due for this one.

    Why Lara liked this look: I look fly. as. fuck. That's pretty much it. I like gold and I like shirts that flow out behind me because it makes me seem more important. Plus this shirt tied this way totally hides my endo bloat and I'll pay big bucks for that.

    Things We Learned

    # We absolutely see each other differently than we see ourselves.

    # Kirsten ties things too often.

    # We should be sharing clothes more often.

    # We're so glad we found each other and can be friends. ❤️‍

    # Anyone can be a hat person.

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