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    Updated on May 23, 2019. Posted on Jul 23, 2016

    21 Tweets About Target That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

    "Will I be there for 5 minutes? 5 hours? Will I spend $5? $500?"

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    1. When you say, "I only need one thing, but I'll grab a cart just in case":

    2. When you look at things you very well know you don't need:

    3. And then go ahead and buy 'em anyway:

    4. When you've got a few extra dollars to throw around:

    5. And then spend every single one of them:

    6. When you begin to a get little too close to that bullseye:

    Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia / Via Twitter: @lady_grey95

    7. And refuse to start your day without some one-on-one time:

    8. When you've got opinions about the name:

    9. When you know that some stores just can't compete:

    10. When the dollar section improves your life:

    11. As does a really good sale:

    12. Even if it's something you'll just keep stashed in storage for the rest of your life:

    13. When you enter at your own risk:

    14. And proceed to black out and lose all concept of time:

    15. When you start to see those iconic red words everywhere you go:

    16. When you follow your dreams:

    17. When you find a way to be there, even when you're not:

    18. When you make the mistake of dressing the part:

    19. When you hear unspeakable things:

    20. And have to find a quick way to cleanse yourself of all that negativity:

    21. And finally, when you entertain yourself anyway you can:

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