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19 Tweets About Victoria's Secret That Will Make You Say "Shit, That's True"

"Should I buy another VS swimsuit? Probably not. Will I do it anyway? Probably."

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1. When you hear about a sale and need to get to a store ASAP.

@evelynncastillo / Via Twitter: @evelynncastillo

2. When you accept your weaknesses.

@miiiiirraanndddaa / Via Twitter: @Miiiirraanndda

3. When you know the truth about underwire but deal with it anyway.

@Blessed_GF / Via Twitter: @Blessed_GF

4. When you acknowledge that the lighting in the dressing rooms is 💯.

@missmooreaaa / Via Twitter: @missmooreaaa

5. When you know you always have a friend in VS.

@lexxluth0r / Via Twitter: @lexxluth0r

6. When you look at VS and you nod your head yes, but your wallet says no.

@mikaelamoore64 / Via Twitter: @MikaelaMoore64

7. When you realize you don't quite have the proportions of VS models' legs.

@allthatjuicy21 / Via Twitter: @allthatjuicy21

8. When Julie Andrews just gets your struggle.

@emholdsworth_ / Via Twitter: @emholdsworth_

9. But you don't care because you want it all anyway.

10. When you need to find the best 10 panties and fast.

@martiniii_3 / Via Twitter: @Martiniii_3

11. When you just want to be comfortable.

@veyonce / Via Twitter: @veyonce1523

12. When the free gifts at VS make you feel like a damn queen.

@krys_meow / Via Twitter: @krys_meow

13. When you almost can't handle all of the cute underwear.

@twerkerella / Via Twitter: @Twerkerella

14. When your mind and wallet have no chill inside a VS.

@plans_forsummer / Via Twitter: @Plans_ForSummer

15. When the VS fashion show leaves you fucking FLOORED.

Victoria's Secret fashion show got me like

16. When you don't give a shit about rules.

17. When you literally can't resist a VS sale.

Me: "I need to save money" Victoria's Secret: "7/27.50 now going on" Me:

18. When people question why you spend so much money at VS.

mom: why would you spend $80 at Victoria's Secret when nobody will even see it? Me:

19. And when someone challenges you to a bra-off, and you know you must win.

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