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24 Truths Every Nurse Knows All Too Well

Nursing is a work of heart.

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1. You know that making it through nursing school was equivalent to traveling around the nine circles of hell.

What do you mean by "going to a party"...?

2. Because in nursing school, even when you're're wrong.

I feel like I've learned nothing.

I feel like I've learned nothing.

3. And there's absolutely no way that you would have made it without knowing that everyone else was in the same boat as you.

We're all miserable! YAY!

4. Every day for you is a "multiple cups of coffee" kind of day.

Coffee is life.

5. Your scrub game is ON POINT... and you prove that you can still look fabulous rocking the equivalent of sweatpants every day.


6. And sometimes you end up going home in different scrubs than you began the shift with due to body fluids or god knows what else.

Not again...

7. You have very specific wants and needs when it comes to intimacy and relationships.


8. And you know that no matter how rude patients are, they always come around when they need something.

Oh, I'm a bitch? Guess you don't need my help then...

9. During a night shift, you start to lose your mind around 3 a.m.


10. Nursing friendships are a bond that no one else could possibly understand unless you've been together cleaning up someone's poop.

You hold the crack, I'll wipe.

11. People dress up like you for Halloween and you're like, "I don't have to dress up as a sexy nurse, I'm a sexy nurse everyday."

Also, good luck tending to patients while wearing high heels!

12. You have nightmares about bed alarms, call lights, and you can hear IV pumps in your sleep.


The beeping never ends.

13. You have a unique sense of humor about your job.

And quite frankly, most people don't understand it.

14. You honestly deserve an award for how well you handle the stress of your everyday job.


You're pulled in so many directions you don't know how you're still standing.

15. You've considered adding "loads of experience dealing with ignorant people" on your resume.

Because some days, it feels like it's the only thing you do.

16. You find yourself worried if your patient hasn't peed in eight hours, then you realize you haven't peed in 12.

Walt Disney Pictures

I'll go after this round...

17. You do not get paid enough for the literal shit that you deal with on a daily basis.

But somebody's gotta do it, and that somebody is you.

18. You have to wash your hands so much that you barely have any skin left.

And you know which lotions burn.

19. A small part of you dies when you see all your friends exclaiming "TGIF" on Fridays because you work weekends.

:: cries silently ::

20. It never fails that you get something in your eye as soon as you're gloved up.

21. No one really understands what you do on a daily basis, and sometimes you barely understand it yourself.

Go with the flow.

22. Almost nothing phases you at work anymore. Crazy patient? Check. Code blue? Got it.

I was born ready.

23. Some people may make jokes about the fact that you clean up poop, but you also save people's lives on the REG.


24. And no matter how much shit you deal with on a daily basis, you love your job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Nursing is a work of heart.

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