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This Is What "Clueless" Would Be Like If It Were Set In 2015

As if.

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1. Zendaya would play Dionne, Jennifer Lawrence would play Cher, and Anna Kendrick would play Tai.

2. Paul Rudd would still play Josh.

3. They'd literally be wearing the same outfits, probably, but as a TBT!

4. Cher would have mermaid hair.

5. Tai's makeover would be the best Snapchat story.

6. Cher wouldn't need to practice parking (or drive) because...

7. "What's the point? Everywhere you go you can just Uber."

8. Amber would be subtweeting constantly.

9. Dionne would be Instagram famous.

10. Cher would tweet about the guy trying to hit on her with #BanMen or #YesAllMen after saying "As If!"

11. They wouldn't dance to "Rollin With the Homies" it would be "Hotline Bling."

12. Cher would have the rose gold iPhone 6s.

13. Tai would try the cup trick to get Kylie Jenner lips.

14. "You're a virgin who can't hoverboard."

15. Christian would use Grindr.

16. "Cher's saving herself for Chris Hemsworth."

17. "OK, so you're probably going, 'Is this like a Clean & Clear commercial or what?' But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl."


18. Amber: "Was I the only one listening? I thought it reeked." Cher: "No, I believe that's your Victoria's Secret perfume."

19. On guys today — "I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some skinny jeans, and spike up their undercut — ew — and cover it up with a snapback and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so."

20. Cher would have an #OOTD on Instagram every day.

21. And she would only trust selfies, not Polaroids.

22. Cher would be a frequent SoulCycle attendee.

23. And the girls would drink fresh green juices from Pressed Juicery.

24. Christian said he'd TEXT the next day… not call.

25. And when he did, he would use a lot of emojis and have his read receipts on.

26. Cher wouldn't watch Ren and Stimpy… she would watch Spongebob Squarepants.

27. Cher would use this 💅 all the time.

28. Tai and Cher would take online quizzes on their iPhones while hanging out.

29. Elton would be played by James Franco.

30. Cher would send herself an Edible Arrangement.



32. Elton would say he needed to find his iPhone charger instead of his Cranberries CD.

33. They would sign Mr. Hall up for

34. And they would totally say that they "ship" Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist.

35. Josh and his tree people would be trying to get Justin Bieber to plant a tree instead of Marky Mark.

36. During P.E. class they would wear Lululemon.

37. Lunch would be Michelle Obama-approved.

38. Murray would have Invisalign instead of braces.

39. Instead of saying she was "totally buggin'," Cher would exclaim, "I can't even!"


40. Cher and Tai would read Bossypants by Tina Fey and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.

41. Dionne and Murray would get into a fight because Murray would like some other girl's picture on Instagram. "Is there a reason you're liking random girls Instas, MURRAY?"

42. Instead of bringing over Spartacus, Christian would bring over Magic Mike.

43. And instead of her pink feathery pen, Cher would have a pink iPad.

44. Travis would be a vegan.

45. At the wedding, Cher and the other bridesmaids would have a bridesmaids dance that someone recorded and it would go viral.

46. And Josh and Cher would make it Instagram official with a wedding pic.