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19 Times Nicole Richie Became Your Spirit Animal

We hate kids!

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1. When she told the straight up TRUTH about people getting too close to you: / Via Vh1

2. When she asked people she hangs out with a very important question:

3. And when she appreciated the finer things in life and didn't even feel bad about it:

VH1 / Via

4. When she didn't stand for people not responding to her texts:

5. When she displayed amazing self-confidence:

6. When she didn't have time for boring things or people:

7. And when she knew how exhausting it can be just to exist every day:

8. When she knew exactly what it was like to remember your ex:

9. When she taught the world an important lesson and inspired us all to do the same:


10. When she was almost too right about how much parking sucks:


11. When she just didn't understand how anyone couldn't like her and you feel the same way:

12. When she spoke the truth about new relationships:

13. And when she just didn't care:


14. When she was honest about her dislike of dirty diapers:

15. When she knew exactly what kind of picture she wanted for Instagram:


16. When she was a goddamn optimist:

17. When she said exactly how we all feel about sleeping:

Via Vh1

18. When she acknowledged that no one is actually good enough for you:


19. And when she knew exactly how you feel about getting older:


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