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    31 Times Aria From "Pretty Little Liars" Gave Us Fashion Goals

    Give me your closet... or else. — A

    1. That time she paired stripes with animal print and made us all want to go shopping immediately:

    2. That time she wore a skull shirt and showed us chic goth:

    3. When she wore a bandana and bomber jacket:

    4. And when she wore literal rocks around her neck like a true ~artist~ and still looked flawless:

    5. When she wore animal print to speak with Ezra and really showed off her wild side:

    6. That time she wore this dress straight out of a comic book:

    7. That time she showed the other girls what a fierce jacket looked like:

    8. When she gave us party dress goals:

    9. And that time she showed us exactly how to fix a bad hair day:

    10. When she really showed us who she is on the inside:

    11. And that time she wore this hat and proved she will always be the HBIC at Rosewood High.

    12. When she taught us all how to rock a green army vest:

    13. That time she reminded us that jean skirts will never go out of style:

    14. And that time she bared one shoulder and wore an arm cuff:

    15. That time she rocked the hell out of black tie wear:

    16. That time she looked like a bad bitch in a leather jacket and tulle skirt:

    17. That time her jacket had literal studs on it to ward off any A wannabes:

    18. That time she perfected the school girl look and reminded us that she is supposed to be a high school student:

    19. And that time she showed her sweet side when she wore a shirt with tiny little ice cream cones on it:

    20. That time she wore this powerful blazer and reminded us that Aria is never to be messed with:

    21. When she wore the perfect summer dress:

    22. The exact moment when she gave us all extreme beanie goals:

    23. That time her dress looked like Green Eggs and Ham:

    24. And when she wore a skull necklace with a flower skater dress and reminded us we will never be as cool as Aria is:

    25. That time she wore her heart on her chest:

    26. That time she made us all want to dye our hair pink:

    27. That time her headband matched her shirt:

    28. And that time she wore a literal spider necklace and still looked cool as hell:

    29. That one time when she had feathers coming out of her head but we still couldn't get enough:

    30. That moment when we realized that even her pajamas were cool as hell:

    31. And that time she was in distress but all we could look at was her amazing jewelry:

    Stay flawless, Aria.