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21 Times Target Failed So Hard It Was Actually Perfect

"Hap Birthday"

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1. Wow, what a great deal!

@katieboer / Via

2. Who knew Hello Kitty had an after-dark special?

@staceyinthesky / Via

3. Totally gettin' those elementary school flashbacks.

@Ami_Ross81 / Via Twitter: @Ami_Ross81

4. What did you just you just call me?!

@jac11attack / Via

5. Looks so exfoliating!

@katieellemarie / Via

6. Don't get happy, get hap.

@ericacolvinphotography / Via

7. I didn't know Target had samplers?! Cool!

@shwee1234 / Via

8. Worth the $1.99 markup, TBH.

@choechi / Via

9. The single figure ass is on sale!

@countingcandles / Via

10. That dress is soooo cute!

@zbjackso / Via

11. Is it Black Friday, 'cause this clearance is unbelievable!

@johnhickey55 / Via Twitter: @johnhickey55

12. You know what my living room is missing? The word "dick."

@mbtraveling / Via

13. It's like hairspray, only not really.

@__l__y__n__x__ / Via

14. I'll take one meat please.

@paleohokie / Via

15. So glad I don't have to put the extra effort into ripping the box myself!

@giametta5 / Via

16. Does it REALLY matter where the decimal goes?

@peterxkim05 / Via

17. "Is this chicken what I have or is this fish?" —Jessica Simpson, probably

@kris_koupons / Via

18. Hell is so chic these days.

@sadie_bugg / Via

19. I remember the good ol' days of traveling in buckets.

@moviejenna / Via

20. Blankets need protection too!

@tarendactyl / Via

21. And finally, who needs to pay rent when you've got mouthwash to buy?

@x0heydj / Via

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