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27 Times Starbucks Failed So Hard It Almost Won

They misspell names a latte.

1. When Jude became Jew.

2. And Virginia became Vagina.

3. When Simon became Semen.

4. And Cass became Cats.

5. When Ann-Louise became Anus.

6. And Jim became Gim.

7. And Chad became Shat.

8. When Clint looked like Cunt.

9. And Emily became Gimli.

10. When Ian became E.N.

11. Then Ian became Eiyon.

12. Then Ian became Enian.

13. When they turned Madeline into Mad-Ah-Lynn.

14. And when Michelle became Missle.

15. When Yvonne became Evan and Caitlin became Kitten.

16. And Ingrid became Angry.

17. When Erin became Air Inn.

18. And Emma turned into Nemo.

19. When Dylan became Dealing.

20. And Andie became Auntie.

21. When Barbara became Marbra.

22. And Andres became Undress.

23. When Monica became Juanica.

24. And Laurie turned into Rory.

25. When Zach somehow became Tsach.

26. And Tyler transformed into Tilor.

27. And when Kris and Iris turned into Krish Irish.

Keep up the good work, Starbucks.