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21 Questions Siri Answered Absolutely Perfectly

Siri, do you love me? No.

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1. That time she recited a poem:

2. And the time she knew the true meaning of life:

3. When she knew how fabulous she was:

4. And when she got really ~clever~:

5. That moment she knew someone needed to be called out:

6. And that moment she said exactly what was up:

7. The time she taught us all the art of rejection:

8. The time she became the princess of rejection:

9. And then the time she was crowned QUEEN of rejection:

10. When she made us question everything:

11. And when she got TOO real:

12. The moment when she knew someone needed to be CALLED OUT:

13. The time she got real sassy:

14. The time she showed how clever she was:

15. When she was drinking on the job:

16. The moment when she killed PLANTS with her shade:

17. The time she got a little PrOmIsCuOus:

18. The time she told it exactly how it is:

19. When she used music as a message:

20. When she didn't hold back at all:

21. And the time she SHUT. IT. DOWN:

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