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26 Times "Sex And The City" Was So Right About Being Single

Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.

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1. When your ex is tagged in a picture with someone new:

2. When you're in the park trying to enjoy your morning but you're surrounded by couples:

3. When your friend set you up on a terrible blind date AGAIN:

4. When you go to a party with your friends and you're surrounded by couples:

5. When the girl who posts 17 pictures of herself a day has a S.O. and you don't:

6. When you're trying to sleep but can't stop thinking about your exes:

7. When you go on a date and it doesn't completely suck:

8. When someone won't stop talking about their S.O.:

9. When you text your flame and they read the text but don't respond:

10. When someone unmatches you on Tinder and you didn't even try to message them:

11. When you're watching a rom-com and feel hopeful for two hours:

12. When you haven't matched with anyone on a dating app in over a week:

13. When you make contact with someone and immediately start imagining your breakup:

14. When you wake up from a one-night stand:

15. When the person you're seeing only wants you when you aren't available:

16. When someone uses the wrong form of "you're" in a text:

17. When someone says they like you and you don't know how to react:

18. When the person you're texting calls you babe after the first five minutes:

19. When yet ANOTHER one of your Facebook friends gets engaged:

20. When another one of your acquaintances tells you that you'll find someone when you stop looking:

21. When you get a "save the date" in the mail:

22. When you agree to go on yet another date:

23. When one of your friends asks you to be in their wedding:

24. When you're out of wine and chocolate:

25. When you're on Twitter trying to subtweet your ex but still act like you don't care:

26. And when you realize how much fun being single can actually be:

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