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    Jul 30, 2015

    19 Times Jenna Marbles Spoke Straight To Your Soul

    She just gets you.

    1. When she knew where your true priorities lie.

    2. When she knew how you feel every Monday.

    3. When she knew how you feel when your boss asks you to do something at 4 p.m.


    4. When she validated the fact that you were 54 weeks back on your friend's ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's sister's Instagram.


    5. When she said exactly what you think when someone tells you that you "look tired."

    6. When she summed up exactly what you thought after inhaling that pizza.

    7. And and when she reminded you that everyone has haters and you just have to keep doin' your thing.

    8. When she made you feel better about being awkward in every situation, ever.

    9. When she summed up how you feel when you wake up every morning.

    10. And when she summed up how you *really* feel when you look in the mirror every day.


    11. When she made you feel better about procrastinating.

    12. And when she spoke the damn TRUTH about running with boobs.

    13. When she was pretty dead on about your thoughts on working out.

    14. When she totally understood showing up late and gave you an excuse for it.

    15. When she said exactly how you feel approximately 283,201 times a day.


    16. When she recognized the fact that women are flawless.


    17. And when she quoted Britney Spears to give you the motivation you need to make it until Friday.


    18. When she summed up your weekend activities.


    19. And when she told the damn truth about growing up.

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