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24 Times Elaine Benes Spoke Straight To Your Soul

She's real and spectacular.

1. When she wasn't afraid to call it exactly as she saw it.

2. When she was straight-up honest about how friendship works.

3. When she had the most valid excuse ever for breaking up with someone.

4. And when she summed up how you feel about most things in life.

5. When she said what you really think every time you're invited somewhere.

6. When she gave you the perfect excuse to get off the phone.

7. When she gave you the most solid advice.

8. And when she was on point about working 40 hours a week.

9. When she was eating food and said exactly how you feel every time you eat food.

10. When she summed up your sexual orientation, which is just, basically, "I hate everyone."

11. When she provided you with a flawless life motto.

12. And when she schooled you in how to be a boss bitch.

13. When she made you feel less weird about being so awkward.

14. And when she taught you to dance like no one is watching.

15. When she explained that people are confusing and also the worst and you were like, "Yep."

16. When she blessed you with her style and gave you a new fashion idol.

17. When she proved that her taste is very refined.

18. When she was in it to win it, no matter the cost.

19. When she taught you how to be more self-sufficient.

20. When she wasn't down to put up with anyone's shit, no matter what.

21. When she provided you with true relationship goals.

22. When she made you feel better about your lack of makeup skills.

23. When she spoke too much truth about public transportation.

24. And when she was confident as hell and didn't give a damn.