36 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Using Pinterest


1. I’m soooo bored. I’ll just browse Pinterest for a minute.
2. That outfit is so freaking cute. Pinning that shit. I want that skirt.
3. Wait, she made them? I mean, I could maybe do that…
4. There are over 5 instructions. No thanks.
5. I should really start honing in on my creative side, though.
6. I could make this dinner tomorrow.
7. These brownies only have 100 calories. YES.
8. I’ll totally make these tomorrow.
9. What else should I make?
11. Ew, that wedding cake cannot be real life.
12. I would never have a cake like that.
13. I should actually look up wedding cakes and save some ideas. You never know.
14. THAT DRESS. That dress is so me.
15. Oh. It’s out of stock…forever…

Walt Disney Television / Via giphy.com

16. Wait, this workout is supposed to tone your legs in 8 minutes or less.
17. I should do that workout.
18. I need new workout clothes. I just never know what kind to get.
19. This girl’s quotes board is on point.
20. That actually spoke straight to my heart.
21. Why don’t I have a quotes board?
22. Um, why am I following this?
23. HA, I knew I had seen her status before. It’s on my Inspiration board.
24. Wait, I thought this quote was said by Marilyn Monroe?
25. You can’t just attribute quotes to random people.
26. Is that a book-shelf bed?! I need that.
27. Oh $822? GOOD JOKE.
28. I have never seen that Essie color in stores. I wonder if Target has it?
30. Wait, she and her boyfriend have been together, like, 5 days. Does she know secret boards exist?
31. Secret boards are a gift from above.
32. Who actually looks like that in a crop top?
33. I should really start leading a healthier lifestyle.
34. I feel so motivated now.
35. I’ll go workout and then cook a healthy dinner.
36. …After I finish browsing.

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

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