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This Is How Much Money The Little Irish Boy From "Titanic" Still Makes Today

Our heart (and our money) still goes on.

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But how much of that money do actors in small roles actually see? The "little Irish boy" from the films talked to Business Insider and spilled the beans.

You might remember the "little Irish boy," or Reece Thompson, from the film. He was seen in one scene with his sister and mother as passengers in the lower cabins who had no chance of making it out.


According to Thompson, he made around $30K for his original role in the film.


And in the first couple of years after the film's release, he would receive residual checks that were "in the thousands."

But over twenty years later — he's continued to receive residual checks in the mail. Nowadays the amount of money ranges and can be anywhere from $100 to $300 annually.

Thompson, now 25, looks at it as a nice little surprise every year.

Reece Thompson via Facebook / Via

He told Business Insider, "It's not like, 'Oh, when am I going to get a new Titanic check?' When it happens, it's like, 'Oh, cool, an extra $100.'"