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21 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch "Pretty Little Liars"

Am I A?

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1. These Facebook relationship updates:

2. This Google search:

3. This spin on the popular abbreviation:

ABC Family / Via

4. This America's Next Top Model meme:

ABC Family / Via

5. This Mean Girls reference towards Mona:

ABC Family / Paramount Pictures / Via

6. And this Mean Girls reference for Alison:

ABC Family / Paramount Pictures / Via

7. This perfect meme to describe how everyone really felt during this kidnapping:

ABC Family / Via

8. This necessary comparison:

9. This meme that basically sums up what everyone was wondering:

10. This accurate meme featuring Harry Potter:

ABC Family / Warner Bros. Studios / Via

11. And this accurate summary of how Marlene King thinks:

12. This wrong number text from A:


13. This updated relationship status:

14. This drawing of a PLL brain:

15. And this shade toward the parents on the show:

ABC Family / Via

16. These summaries of each season:

17. And this meme with Taylor Swift which is all too applicable:

18. This hilarious meme about being crazy in love:

ABC Family / Via

19. This imperative picture describing how hard it is to keep up with the show:

20. This meme which sums up what it's like to have friends who don't watch:

21. And, of course, this picture which is what everyone who watches really feels:

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