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18 Things You'll See At Every Basic Girl's House

Besides Starbucks, of course.

1. Decorative coffee mugs to drink their morning coffee or tea.

2. K-Cups in festive flavors.

3. Ugg boots, whether or not it's winter.

4. Bags from Whole Foods leftover from the last grocery run.

5. Living room wall art to inspire all who visit.

6. Bedroom wall art to serve as a good reminder each morning.

7. Bathroom wall art to give them something inspirational to contemplate while doing their business.

8. Wine in decorative wine holders.

9. Festive candles for each season.

10. A coffee maker to make coffee in their decorative mugs.

11. A wide array of picture frames to store all their great Instas.

12. SEVERAL bottles of Essie nail polish.

13. Cute slippers for when they just don't want to wear their Uggs anymore.

14. Their very own Starbucks cup for morning smoothies.

15. Mason Jars to use for storage.

16. The perfect full-length mirror for selfies.

17. Books on the coffee table that may or may not ever be read.

18. And leftover Target bags used as trash bags because they have so many excess bags from their numerous trips to Target.