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16 Things That Will Inevitably Happen At Target

"How did I end up in the dressing room?"

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4. You declare that you can AND will avoid the shoe section, because you have enough shoes.

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And then you look through the section and find a pair that you HAVE TO HAVE.

12. You pass the nail polish aisle and stop to take a look, even though you have plenty at home.

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So you grab a couple of Essies to add to the collection!! ~ Welcome to the family. ~

13. Then you see the hair section, and realize you've lost, and Target has won.


You don't need any shampoo, but after smelling a few, you convince yourself to try something new anyway.

15. You try to stay strong in the checkout line because you've already spent enough.

20th Century Fox

But then, you see FRUIT SNACKS. And remember you need gum, and Chapstick. And...shit.

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