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    35 Things Twentysomethings Still Ask Their Dad

    How many cups of coffee are too many cups of coffee?

    1. How do I put air in my tire?

    2. And, also, what is this light that keeps coming on in my car?

    3. How many cups of coffee are too many cups of coffee?

    4. Is sugar going to give me cancer?

    5. How often should I be seeing a dentist?

    6. How important is it to read my lease?

    7. And should I actually read the terms and conditions on my iPhone?

    8. How much should it cost to get your oil changed?

    9. And if my change oil light has been on for, like, a couple of weeks... is that bad?

    10. What kind of laundry detergent should I be using?

    11. And are dryer sheets really necessary?

    12. How bad is it if I am late on my car insurance payment?

    13. What does renter's insurance do?

    14. Also, how do I know if I live in a flood plane? Should I check?

    15. Can you call my insurance company for me?

    16. What's a deductible?

    17. And how do I find out how much my deductible is?

    18. Should I have my insurance policy number memorized?


    20. How did you ever afford this?

    21. Umm, should my car be making this noise?

    22. On a scale of 1–10 how bad is it if I ran into the gas station pump? A 3?

    23. What temperature should my oven be on if I'm trying to cook chicken?

    24. What all does my health insurance cover?

    25. Should I be concerned about this freckle on my leg?

    26. How do I unclog a toilet?

    27. Why is my refrigerator making a weird noise?

    28. Should I be drinking more water?

    29. How should I cook this meat...?

    30. How do I ask for a raise?

    31. And how much should I ask for when I ask for a raise?

    32. What's my SSN?

    33. How do I re-register my car?

    34. How do I get my smoke alarm to stop going off?

    35. And how would I ever make it through life without you?