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21 Things You Learn The First Time You Visit NYC

I visited NYC for the FIRST TIME EVER last week. This is what I learned.

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12. Tourists LOVE squirrels and will spend at least 30 minutes staring at them and throwing food at their round little bellies.


13. You have to purchase a card to get on the subway and people will get annoyed with you when you don't understand how to buy it and end up taking 20 minutes.

15. Central Park is HUGE and you can definitely get lost while staring at the oddly green-colored water.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

And get run over by joggers. And feel bad about yourself because of all the people doing workouts.

17. You have to wait HOURS in line for something called a cronut that will DEFINITELY make your stomach hurt.

18. You shouldn't buy an "I <3 NYC" T-shirt if you want to fit in.

friends don&#x2019;t let friends make bad decisions RT @laraeparker: No one will let me buy an &#x22;I &#x2764;&#xFE0F; NYC&#x22; shirt :(

Sam Stryker@sbstrykerFollow

friends dont let friends make bad decisions RT @laraeparker: No one will let me buy an "I NYC" shirt :(

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