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    15 Things You Could Buy For The Price Of A 900-Square-Foot Home In The Bay Area

    A castle. Seriously.

    Recently, Curbed in San Francisco posted about a 908 sq ft home that sold for $2,550,000 in Palo Alto. Yes, OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS. I did not accidentally add an extra 0.

    When the home was first listed, it was listed for $1.9 million. That means that the person who purchased this home paid $623k over asking! Cool!

    Here are some other things you could buy for $2,550,000...

    1. Around 56 years worth of tuition at Harvard!

    2. And about 74 years of tuition at UCLA!

    3. A 25-acre island off the Salinas coast, with a 3-bedroom house.

    4. Approximately 26,562 years of a Netflix membership!

    5. A 17-bedroom Scottish castle. Casual.

    The property has over 40 rooms total, and costs just $1,806,000. Almost a million cheaper! *starts crying and also packing to move to Scotland*

    6. Or an 18-bedroom French chateau!

    This home, which will cost you $1,945,650, comes with a dining hall, two kitchens, a pool, and spa bathrooms. I mean. WHAT.

    7. A 4-bed, 3-bath, 2,500 sq ft home near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

    8. 573,033 Grande Starbucks Frappucinos.

    9. A fleet of approximately 103 Toyota Prius'.

    10. Or about 20 Tesla Model S cars.

    11. A 79-room former Ramada Inn in Giddings, TX.

    12. You could rent out AT&T Park, the stadium where Kanye proposed to Kim, approximately 11 times! 11 different parties. Cool.

    13. And you could also buy 425 65" flatscreen TVs.

    14. You could have Nicki Minaj make an appearance at your party 10 times over.

    15. And finally, you could literally buy your very own private jet. Wow.