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    Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    15 Things You Could Buy For The Price Of A 900-Square-Foot Home In The Bay Area

    A castle. Seriously.

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    Recently, Curbed in San Francisco posted about a 908 sq ft home that sold for $2,550,000 in Palo Alto. Yes, OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS. I did not accidentally add an extra 0.

    Sotheby's / Curbed / Via

    This is what the home looks like. ^^

    When the home was first listed, it was listed for $1.9 million. That means that the person who purchased this home paid $623k over asking! Cool!

    Here are some other things you could buy for $2,550,000...

    1. Around 56 years worth of tuition at Harvard!

    Type A Films

    2. And about 74 years of tuition at UCLA!

    @umiibabaw / Via

    3. A 25-acre island off the Salinas coast, with a 3-bedroom house.

    Private Islands Online / Via

    4. Approximately 26,562 years of a Netflix membership!

    @cushie_catsashian / Via

    5. A 17-bedroom Scottish castle. Casual.

    The property has over 40 rooms total, and costs just $1,806,000. Almost a million cheaper! *starts crying and also packing to move to Scotland*

    6. Or an 18-bedroom French chateau!

    This home, which will cost you $1,945,650, comes with a dining hall, two kitchens, a pool, and spa bathrooms. I mean. WHAT.

    7. A 4-bed, 3-bath, 2,500 sq ft home near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

    Zillow / Via

    (It also has a pool, if you're into that kind of thing.)

    8. 573,033 Grande Starbucks Frappucinos.

    barbieliss / Via

    If you had one a day, it would take you 1,569 years to finish 'em!

    9. A fleet of approximately 103 Toyota Prius'.


    10. Or about 20 Tesla Model S cars.

    Tesla / Via


    11. A 79-room former Ramada Inn in Giddings, TX.


    12. You could rent out AT&T Park, the stadium where Kanye proposed to Kim, approximately 11 times! 11 different parties. Cool.


    13. And you could also buy 425 65" flatscreen TVs.

    Samsung / Via

    14. You could have Nicki Minaj make an appearance at your party 10 times over.


    15. And finally, you could literally buy your very own private jet. Wow.

    AVBuyer / Via

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