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    29 Things You Can Only Get Away With In The Midwest

    Bringing your tractor to school with you.

    1. Wearing shorts in the winter.

    2. Enjoying a BUCKET OF CHEESE.

    3. Riding your horse into town to run some errands.

    4. Driving your tractor through town square.

    5. Climbing a silo to get a better Instagram picture.

    6. Or, belonging to a cheese group.

    7. Creating a "First Down" or "Camouflage" aroma in your home.

    8. Wearing summer clothes one day, and a winter coat the next.

    9. Blocking the view of everyone driving behind you with your hay bales.

    10. Celebrating the holidays alongside a deer head.

    11. Being late to dinner because you got lost in a corn field... again.

    12. Driving your tractor to school and being super casual about it.

    13. Being late for work because there was a cow in the middle of the road.

    14. Calling your favorite fizzy liquid by it's RIGHTFUL NAME.

    15. Being EXTRA prepared for winter.

    16. Having your life flash before your eyes from a deer feud.

    17. Spending time staring at a literal ball of twine.

    18. Decking out a school bus for your favorite football team.

    19. Being late to literally anywhere because you got stuck behind a tractor.

    20. Playing limbo with your llama.

    21. Wearing cheese proudly on your head.

    22. Enjoying your love of sweet corn in liquid form.

    23. Or enjoying your love of sweet corn in CHIP FORM.

    24. Honoring those you care about by creating messages for them through corn.

    25. Killing time simulating some farms on your PS3.

    26. Hiring an oversize escort.

    27. Naming gas stations "Kum & Go."

    28. Driving your lawn mower into town to run some errands.

    29. And running away from police in a tractor.

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