19 Things You'll Definitely Want For The Lake This Summer

    Life is better at the lake.

    1. A Boat Hair Don't Care tank for the long days spent on the boat.

    2. A side-by-side floating hammock for you and your favorite person.

    3. A "lake bum" tank, so everyone knows who you really are.

    4. This relaxation station, which is ideal for a relaxing day on the lake.

    5. An "on lake time" coozie so that you are able to enjoy happy hour whenever the hell you want.

    6. A floating raft for you, and five of your closest friends.

    7. A sign displaying the lake rules.

    8. A freaking DOCK HAMMOCK.

    9. This giant, floating trampoline.

    10. A massive, inflatable water slide able to keep everyone entertained for days.

    11. This sign that will always remind you of your home.

    12. These inflatable motorized bumper boats, perfect for ramming into people on the open water.

    13. Interlocking floats, so that you won't float away from your friends while lounging.

    14. This floating mat which allows you to walk on water.

    15. This floating cooler, which is ideal for keeping refreshments close by.

    16. This inflatable rope swing which doesn't require any climbing of trees.

    17. This tubing contraption for you AND your friends.

    18. This floating beer pong table, which is technically made for pools, but probably only because these people have never experienced lakes.

    19. And this pillow that speaks the absolute truth and nothing else.