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    Oct 21, 2016

    21 Of The Worst Things That Could Happen To A College Senior

    Having class on Friday.

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    1. Getting stuck with an 8 a.m. class in your final quarter or semester.

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    2. And not knowing anyone in the class to ask to sign the attendance sheet for you.

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    3. Having to actually buy a textbook that costs more than $25 that you know you won't ever use.

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    4. Or just having a single class on Fridays. Period.

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    5. Being stuck on campus all damn day and wishing you still had that freshman meal plan.

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    6. Realizing that in, like, a couple of months you'll be out in the ~real world~.

    7. And also realizing that you aren't totalllyyyy sure what you want to do with your life. Still.

    StupidResumes / / NBC / Via Instagram: @stupidresumes

    8. Having to take a dumb math class because you procrastinated and held off taking it until senior year.

    9. And then realizing that, oh shit, you actually have to pass this math class in order to graduate on time.

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    10. Listening to people in your class talk about their job offers and thinking about how you've barely started working on your resume.

    11. And trying to figure out what the hell people even say in cover letters.

    12. And then thinking about actually working 40+ hours a week and wondering where the hell your nap will fit in.

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    13. Catching a glimpse of your final student loan amount and wondering how you'll get that much money.

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    14. Thinking about how you just spent four years studying something you're not even sure you like anymore.

    15. Seeing freshmen and wondering when you got so damn old.

    16. Trying to balance an internship, class, friends, etc. and realizing that's what people with jobs do every single day.

    guneezzz / / NBC / Via Instagram: @guneezzz

    17. Actually getting up the courage to apply for jobs but noticing that every single company on planet Earth wants you to have 1–3 years of experience.

    18. Rushing to make a bunch of new memories with your friends but also knowing that you have unfortunate responsibilities.

    19. Trying to study but also suffering from a problematic case of senioritis.

    20. Realizing that time moves too fast and life is so short.

    21. And being absolutely elated and terrified of it at the same time.

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