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26 Things That Only Make Sense In The Midwest

Cedar Point > Disney World

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1. Being late to work because you were stuck behind a tractor.

2. Buying concealer specifically for your mosquito bites.

3. Cheese being its very own food group.

4. Puppy Chow serving as a well-balanced meal.

5. Going to Walmart and accidentally having a high school reunion.

Including your high school teachers.

6. Screaming "PADIDDLE" at the top of your lungs and punching the roof of your car.


7. Loving your Aunt more than anyone else.

8. Swearing allegiance to the one true dressing.

The light and the way forever.

9. Never getting a goddamn snow day.

Six feet of snow on the ground? Ehhh, one-hour delay.

10. Avoiding very specific driving hazards.

11. Looking nice for the county fair, the social event of the season.

Fair Queen > Prom Queen

12. Preferring lakes over any other body of water.

Suck it, shark-infested ocean.

13. Refusing to attend parties that do not include cornhole.

14. Wearing shorts on a balmy 40-degree day.

A light dusting of snow? Pffffft.

15. Losing friendships, because sports.

16. Accepting camo as both hunting attire and solid everyday fashion.

17. Designing your entire beauty regimen around combating humidity.

18. Feeling zero surprise when it's 70 and sunny one day, and 30 and snowing the next.

19. Being constantly surrounded by your unwanted pets every spring.

20. Ending every social engagement with a glorious trip to Steak and Shake.

21. Automatically assuming every thunderstorm will result in a tornado.

Was that a funnel cloud? That was totally a funnel cloud.

22. Having very strong feelings about the correct way to build a bonfire.

It makes the party, guys.

23. Choosing Cedar Point over Disney World every time.

24. A successful drive = not hitting a deer.

25. Gasping in horror when someone refers to a fizzy beverage as anything other than "pop."

26. Waving and saying hello to complete strangers as if you'd known them for years.

Because anything else would just be rude.

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