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    19 Things You'll Only Know If You Have Resting Bitchface

    This *is* my happy face.

    1. People have been asking you if you were okay since you were a child.

    2. And throughout your life, people have hugged you for absolutely no reason because they assume you're having a terrible day.

    3. Over the years, you've tried to make jokes and lighten the mood, but everyone takes it way too seriously because they can't tell if you're joking or being mean.

    4. And the texts you get asking if you're okay are honestly endless.

    5. You honestly don't even realize what you look like until you see a mirror.

    6. It's pretty hard to make new friends, because everyone thought you'd be a bitch when they first saw you.

    7. But once you make friends, they know that you DO in fact have more than one face.

    8. You know you've truly become friends with someone if they can tell when you're actually upset.

    9. And that's because all of your emotions look the exact same way on your face.

    10. Posing for pictures has always been a bit of a struggle for you, because no matter what you do, your face always looks the exact same.

    11. And getting strangers to take your photo is even harder. They're constantly asking you to smile and you're like, "I AM SMILING."

    12. Because of that, you have begun to question every single facial expression that you make.

    13. And that's why you are fully prepared, at all times, to answer a million questions about your current state of mind.

    14. It's not all bad, though. You credit your RBF for saving you from the most awkward conversations, and for that you are grateful.

    15. Parties are definitely a struggle. You'll be having the time of your life while simultaneously looking like you're about to commit murder.

    16. It can be annoying when you actually ARE mad at someone but your mad and happy look the exact same and people get confused.

    17. And you have trouble flirting because the person you are flirting with pretty much always assumes you hate them.

    18. Honestly, it can be hard having resting bitchface. People assume you're mad, and you're just chilling thinking about chicken McNuggets.

    19. But at the end of the day, it's who you are. And you aren't gonna change for anyone.