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    Posted on Mar 31, 2014

    28 Things Said On Tinder, Defined

    Will you be my Tinderella?

    Chris Ritter/ BuzzFeed

    1. Cute smile :) — Let's have sex.

    2. Hey — Sex?

    3. How tall are you? — Are you a dwarf? And also, let's have sex.

    4. What's your Insta? — I wanna make sure your three pictures are accurate.

    5. So what's up? — Want to come over and have sex?

    6. I'm not looking for a hookup. — I'm definitely looking for a hookup.

    7. What do you do for a living? — Do you have enough time to have sex?

    8. Tinder is so weird, right? lol — Are you comfortable being my Tinder hookup?

    9. Let's meet up tonight. — Let's meet up tonight to have sex.

    10. Are you from around here? — Am I seeing any of your friends?

    11. Is that your dog?!? — Let's have sex, then play fetch with your dog.

    12. Who is your friend? — I want to have sex with your friend.

    13. Now why is someone as pretty as you on Tinder? — You might be crazy, but let's have sex anyway.

    14. You like Red Hot Chili Peppers? Marry me. — I absolutely do not want to marry you, but I definitely want to have sex and possibly never speak to you again.

    15. Are those real? — I don't know how to be subtle.

    16. I believe in true love. — But I also believe in sex on the first date.

    17. I'm looking for a nice person, someone I can take home to the family. — I might take you home to meet my family, after we have sex.

    18. I'm different than other guys/girls. — No I'm not.

    19. We should SnapChat. — You should send me nudes.

    20. I'm only here for a week. — We can have sex at least 5 times.

    21. What are you looking for? — Please say sex.

    22. How is your day going? — How likely is it that we can meet up tonight and have sex?

    23. Did you accidentally swipe right for me? — Is there an actual chance that we could have sex?

    24. Will you be my cuddle buddy? — *After we have sex

    25. I'm new here, I need a tour guide. :) — I need a fuck buddy.

    26. Your pretty — I care so little about our conversation that I'm not going to use the correct form of "you're" and I'm hoping you'll still have sex with me anyway.

    27. Are you my Tinderella? — I hope no one else has used this line on you so you'll think I'm clever enough to sleep with.

    28. I'll tell people we met at a bar. — If you have sex with me.

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