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    17 Things Only Women Who Are Commitment-Phobes Will Understand

    Not even clothing can tie you down.

    1. The idea of getting a tattoo has pretty much never crossed your mind, because the one time it did you realized it was forever and freaked out.

    2. You have a history of running away from anyone that could potentially become your S.O. because you have other things to worry about.

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    Like YOURSELF.

    3. Because honestly, if you're going on a date, you want an END TIME.

    4. You own several different kinds of beauty products because you can't possibly commit to just ONE.

    5. And the same goes for your purses... you can't ever choose just one.

    6. When it comes time to move, you end up throwing out half the things you own.

    7. You've never really been good at the whole "talking about your feelings" thing.

    8. And that's because you try to avoid declarations of love at all cost.

    9. Your friends call you out on your phobia all the time, but they can't change who you are.

    10. You change up your looks often because you can't stick with one look.

    11. Sometimes you feel like the entire world is silently pushing you to commit to something

    12. And trying to decide on a snack can become a real problem.

    13. It's always been difficult for people to make plans with you, but that's because you don't make plans... you make options.

    14. And, basically, your favorite form of exercise is running the hell away from commitment.

    15. The number of times you've given out a fake number is immeasurable because you fear where it might go.

    16. And when you actually DO start dating someone, you spend most of your time assuring everyone that you aren't a couple.

    17. But at the end of the day, you're committed to one thing...

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