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17 Things Only People Who Dislike Children Will Understand

Please, no more screaming babies.

1. The EXTREME pain it causes you to see millions of children on your Facebook timeline every day.

2. The fake excitement you've had to muster up when a friend announces a pregnancy.

3. The number of times your meal has been ruined in a restaurant when a child shows up.

4. The annoyance you feel when you're out picking up groceries and there's a child in the aisle you need.

5. The pain you feel when you're literally ANYWHERE and a child shows up.

6. And the paralyzing fear you feel when you get on a flight and realize you're seated near a child.

7. The internal battle you have when a child won't stop staring at you so you smile then they think it means you're now friends.

8. The awkward moment when someone asks you to hold their baby and you're like, "LOL NO THANKS."

9. The confusion you have felt when a child draws you a picture and you can't even tell what the hell it is.

10. The annoyance you feel when a child is rude to you and the parents are like, "They're just so tired."

11. When someone tells you how smart their baby is, and you're like, "They literally cannot even talk."

12. When someone INSISTS on showing you their ultrasound picture and you have to act excited about a blob.

13. The anger you experience when a child insults your clothing choice.

Kid in target told me my hat was ugly so I told him Santa wasn't real

Lara Parker@laraeparker

Kid in target told me my hat was ugly so I told him Santa wasn't real

3:52 PM - 26 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

14. And the laughter you hold back when someone asks when you're planning on having children of your own.

15. The struggle of wanting to see a family movie, but knowing that kids will be in the theater.

16. Knowing that you'll never buy candy or turn your porch light on during Halloween.

17. And the irritation you feel when people tell you, "Yeah but you WERE a kid."