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    Nov 7, 2014

    21 Things Only People Obsessed With Bread Understand

    I loaf you, bread.

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    1. Bread always comes first in your life.

    2. You're not afraid to wear your bread on your sleeve...or feet.

    3. You choose your restaurants based solely on whether or not they offer free bread.

    4. You've always been Team Peeta, because hello, you get a baker as your man?

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    Was there ever any competition?

    5. You wish that bread gloves ACTUALLY existed because you would be very into that.

    6. Pretty much all of your conversations involve bread in some way.

    7. You've seen beauty in the world, and it came in the form of bread.

    8. You have to stop yourself from filling up your grocery basket with bread.

    9. You don't understand the people that consider crust "excess."

    10. You've made spaghetti sandwiches on Italian night.

    The preferred meal of the gods.

    11. Low carb diets like "Atkins" and "South Beach" seem like a living hell.


    "I don't eat bread." LOL K.

    12. Bread makes people 100 times more attractive.

    13. Freudian slips happen in the form of bread thoughts and occur at the worst times.


    14. Your idea of a celebration is a loaf of bread.

    15. You've done questionable things for bread.

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    16. Soup is always better with a bread bowl.

    17. You go to Jimmy John's for the bread, and the bread only.

    18. It's hard for you to watch movies where characters eat bread, because it becomes all you can think about.


    My mind has been overrun with BUTTERflies.

    19. Your pantry has so many bread products, you could open your own small bakery.

    20. When you're cruising the dating circuit, loving bread is a make or break quality for you.

    my face when i finally meet someone who loves bread as much as i do


    my face when i finally meet someone who loves bread as much as i do

    9:19 AM - 04 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    21. And if all else fails, you've always got hot and ready bread to come home to.

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