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    Posted on Jul 7, 2014

    21 Things Only People From The Midwest Understand About Summer

    Murdering fireflies to make face paint.

    1. Murdering fireflies to make face paint.

    Flickr: qmnonic / Via Creative Commons

    Fireflies or lightning bugs are THE summer bug. They light up the night sky with their glow and probably lit up your face and arms after you squeezed their juice out of them. It's OK, we all did it.

    2. Spending hours outside with streams of water.

    Flickr: thelotuscarroll / Via Creative Commons

    Yard sprinklers are MAGICAL. Honestly the most fun you could ever have in an afternoon. And you still remember how the grass stuck to your skin. ~ Memories ~

    3. Hoping to god you don't hit a rock.

    Evan McCombs

    The only thing better than sprinklers is a SLIP N' SLIDE. Add some soap, and live your damn life in the best way possible.

    4. Being the first to jump into the lake.

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

    Lakes are the best place for summer activities, and if you don't agree, you're wrong. There's nothing better than a weekend spent on the lake. And if you were the FIRST into the lake of the year, you deserve a damn medal.

    5. This is the food of gods.

    Flickr: crfsproject / Via Creative Commons

    If you aren't from the Midwest and you think you've had good sweet corn, you're wrong. Sorry. Midwest sweet corn is THE sweet corn. And when the roadside stands begin selling, you know it's summer.

    6. This is the summer activity for every occasion.

    Flickr: michaelnpatterson / Via Creative Commons

    Whether that be a family reunion, a cookout, a birthday party, or a grad party...Cornhole is definitely involved.

    7. Farmer's tan is a damn badge of honor.

    Flickr: theplasticjedi / Via Creative Commons

    It's impossible to avoid weird tan lines in the summer. Almost every waking moment is spent outside and you're never wearing the right kind of clothes. It's OK, rock those farmer's tans.

    8. Country concerts are one the best parties.

    Evan McCombs

    Summer is not summer without outdoor country concerts. Beer, music, friends, what else do you even need?

    9. Ticks are the actual devil.

    Flickr: 31031835@N08 / Via Creative Commons

    THESE LITTLE DEVILS. Ticks are your worst enemy. They crawl up all over your body like they OWN the damn thing then just feed off your blood. Who even does that? #BanTicks

    10. Insect repellent is the elixir of life.

    Flickr: morag_riddell / Via Creative Commons

    Can you imagine what summer would be like without insect repellent?!?!


    Thank goodness for bug spray, without it we would surely die.

    11. The fair is the best week of the summer.

    Flickr: brent_nashville / Via Creative Commons

    THE FAIR! Corn dogs, cotton candy, lemon shake-ups, elephant ears, and pineapple whip. Not to mention the rides that you're positive you could die on but ride anyway.

    12. Mosquito and chigger bites are the skin accessory of the summer.

    Flickr: iampeas / Via Creative Commons

    It's THE fashion statement of the summer every year in the Midwest. And it's also your personal hell.

    13. The REAL first day of summer is when your ice cream shop opens.

    Flickr: tofuttibreak / Via Creative Commons

    It doesn't matter if it's in May and it's still 50 degrees out, it's officially summer damnit.

    14. Your summer job is not for wusses.

    Flickr: jemufo / Via Creative Commons

    Farm help. Bailing hay, helping pick corn, feeding animals, and waking up at the crack of dawn every damn day.

    15. Dandelions make the best skin paint.

    Flickr: marcyleigh / Via Creative Commons

    Dandelions: your arm paint, your parent's least favorite weed. Pop those heads off and smear it all over your arms.

    16. July = an entire month of fireworks.

    Flickr: kndynt2099 / Via Creative Commons

    Fireworks don't end after the 4th of July is over. Sparklers all summer long, baby! Even if that means hopping across state borders to buy fireworks.

    17. These are the best movie theaters:

    Flickr: stepol / Via Creative Commons

    Watching a movie but in your CAR. Extra points if it's in a truck bed. Make a bed in your car and stay for the double showing.

    18. Spending hours searching for four-leaf clovers.

    Flickr: cpsutcliffe / Via Creative Commons

    Hours spent in grass looking for the magical four leaf clover. If you find one, you keep it forever. That's just how it is.

    19. The smoke will keep the bugs away.

    Flickr: clender / Via Creative Commons

    Summer nights spent around bonfires are the best nights of your life, probably. And maybe one day you'll be able to perfect crisping the marshmallow for your s’more without burning the shit out of it.

    20. It's impossible to have a good hair day with humidity.

    Flickr: slurpiesandstrawsatseveneleven / Via Creative Commons

    Humidity, aka one of the worst parts of summer. You're always sticky, and not in a good way. And those hair products that claim to resist humidity? LOL, good joke.

    21. And this is the best sleep aid, ever:
    Flickr: wagner-machado-carlos-lemes / Via Creative Commons

    You don't need a sleeping aid because you have these creatures to soothe you to sleep. Family from out of town will visit and ask, "What is that noise?" They just don't understand.

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