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    22 Things No One Tells You About Moving Away From Home

    Home is wherever you want it to be.

    1. You won't be able to replace your favorite coffee shop or restaurant.

    2. And you'll find yourself missing places that you never knew you loved.

    3. You'll learn to appreciate the art of letter writing.

    4. The first time you visit home it will be so hard, because it will feel so familiar and easy, almost as if you never left.

    5. But then you'll remind yourself that even though leaving home is scary, it's what you needed to do.

    6. Saying good-bye to your childhood pet might be the hardest good-bye of all.

    7. You'll have to learn how to to fit your whole life into the trunk of a car.

    8. When you come back home for the first time, your room might not look the way you left it, which will make you realize that it's no longer "yours."

    9. You'll realize you took for granted the full fridge you had at home.

    10. The first couple weeks away from home, your Saturday nights might be spent like this — and that's OK.

    11. Seeing your hometown through a plane window will be a sight you learn to love and hate.

    12. Hanging out with your friends from back home might be dependent upon a good Wi-Fi connection.

    13. You'll suddenly realize life back home goes on without you when you miss an important family birthday party.

    14. You won't feel like you truly left home until your new ID comes in the mail.

    15. You'll learn to explore by yourself.

    16. The first time a problem arises when you're on your own, you'll panic, but there's no greater feeling than conquering it by yourself.

    17. You'll keep your old house key on your key chain, as a reminder that you can always go home.

    18. You'll realize just how much you miss being able to talk to your parents whenever you want.

    19. You might fall out of touch with some of your friends, but when you go home you'll pick up right where you left off.

    20. You'll realize that chasing your dreams isn't always easy, but it's always worth it.

    21. When your home friends visit, you'll realize you actually love where you live.

    22. And one day, you'll finally realize that home is wherever you want it to be.