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29 Things No One Tells You About Being A Harry Potter Fanatic

Harry Potter and Never Being Able to Move On.

1. You'll never stop waiting for your Hogwarts letter.

2. You'll spend the rest of your life rereading the books.

3. And they'll get better each time.

4. You'll name ALL of your pets after Harry Potter characters.

5. You'll never really get over the death of Dobby.

6. You'll never stop wishing there were just one more book release.

7. Or just one more movie premiere.

8. You'll spend copious amounts of money funding trips to the various Harry Potter studios around the world.

9. Only to spend even more money once you're there on souvenirs and Butterbeer.

10. You'll find yourself physically attracted to anyone who has a Harry Potter tattoo.

11. You'll spend an insane amount of time looking through the Harry Potter tag on Tumblr.

12. Your friends and family will always know when you're rereading the seventh book because you'll be a damn mess.

13. You've been involved in many arguments over what the movies should and should not have left out.

14. You'll find yourself feeling extremely disappointed when you purchase a wand and can't actually jinx anyone.

15. You refer to everyone you hate as being "such an Umbridge."

16. You'll spend your free time perfecting impersonations of your favorite characters.

17. You will pledge allegiance to the DA.

18. You will live by the words and advice of Albus Dumbledore.

19. You know what house you'd be sorted into, and you're loyal as fuck.

20. Every year on Sept. 1, you will feel a ping of sadness at realizing you're not on your way to Hogwarts.

21. And you'll constantly think about how upgraded your life would be if you were a witch or a wizard.

22. You won't be able to think about Fred and George without tears welling up in your eyes.

23. And you'll slowly become highly sensitive to someone calling you a Muggle.

24. You question your sanity when you realize that you actually identify as a witch or a wizard.

25. You've experienced MANY breakups because they didn't like Harry Potter.

26. When you hear *doo do doo do doo* at the beginning of Harry Potter, you lose your shit.

27. You'll never stop appropriating Wizarding World culture.

28. And a piece of your heart breaks every time you finish the book series.

29. But then you realize you can just start over...

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