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    23 Things No One In The Midwest Has Time For

    Snow in April.

    1. Seasons that last approximately four days.

    2. And 30-degree weather in the middle of April.

    3. An indecisive Mother Nature who can't decide between rain and snow.

    4. Waiting until it's actually October to pick out a pumpkin.

    5. Dealing with slow traffic because SOMEONE isn't used to driving on snow.

    6. And then dealing with construction on every main road during the summer.

    7. Going outside when it's below zero.

    8. Weather forecasts that look like this:

    9. Trying to get anywhere after a big rain.

    10. Hailstorms throwing down pea-sized hail on everything in sight.

    11. Irrationally freezing weather on Halloween making it rather difficult to gather candy.

    12. Living anywhere that isn't as beautiful as this every autumn.

    13. Calling carbonated beverages anything other than "pop."

    14. Cold weather and snow getting in the way of cheering on your favorite team.

    15. Waiting until it's warm outside to wear shorts.

    16. Eating pizza that isn't deep dish style.

    17. Waiting for a cow to get out of the middle of the road.

    18. Getting a milkshake from anywhere other than Steak 'n Shake.

    19. Swimming anywhere other than a lake during the summer.

    20. Thinking twice about getting gas from a place called Kum & Go.

    21. People thinking that you can actually tip cows.

    22. Dealing with anyone who doesn't have Midwestern manners.

    23. And listening to anyone who says the Midwest isn't the best part of the United States.