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    16 Things Midwesterners Are Tired Of Hearing

    No, we don't go cow tipping.

    1. We all drive trucks.


    No. Although trucks are useful on the farm and for drive-in movies.

    2. We love to go cow tipping.

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    Have you ever tried to tip a cow? Doesn't work.

    3. County fairs are the highlight of the year.

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    Yes, we all love a good lemon shake-up. But going to the fair is certainly not the highlight of our year. Unless you win Grand Champion Alfalfa...then it's the highlight of your year.

    4. We are all a bunch of rednecks.

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    Only in the summers when we spend too much time at the lake without sunscreen!

    5. We live for country music.


    As of 2013, country music is the most-listened to genre in the entire country...not just the midwest.

    6. And cheap beer.


    Does anyone like cheap beer?

    7. All of our parties are in barns or in a field. And at these parties, we play corn hole.


    I mean not EVERY party...

    8. We are all incredibly conservative.


    Sure there are many conservative viewpoints, but there are just as many liberal viewpoints. It varies each year just like any other place.

    9. We never want to leave our town, much less our state.


    Plenty of us leave. And most of us come back.

    10. We eat copious amounts of cheese.

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    But really, don't we all?

    11. And our constant consumption of fast food is making us fat.


    According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, about 30% of the midwest is considered obese. But that means 70% aren't considered obese. It's not great, but it could be worse.

    12. We deep fry everything and dip 99% of our food in Ranch dressing.

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    Okay so maybe we put Ranch with our pizza, but who doesn't?

    13. We're poor.


    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, most midwest states are very close to average in terms of the national rate of disposable income. But Illinois, Minnesota, and North Dakota are above average.

    14. And we're uneducated.


    High School Graduates:

    South: 30%

    Midwest: 32%

    Northeast: 31%

    West: 24%

    College Graduates (Bachelor's degree):

    South: 16%

    Midwest: 17%

    Northeast: 19%

    West: 19%

    15. The midwest is just a bunch of cornfields and wide open spaces.

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    Sure, we have a lot of cornfields. But we also have some of the greatest cities in the U.S.

    16. And we drive tractors to school.

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    Only on FFA Tractor Day, OK?!