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    16 Things I Bought (And Now Love) After Seeing Them On TikTok

    Am I addicted to TikTok and online shopping? Maybe. But did these purchases change my life? Quite possibly.

    1. First of all, say hello to this Bioré sunscreen that is quite literally the best facial sunscreen I have EVER used.

    An image of the Biore sunscreen in the author's hand

    2. A 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant from Paula's Choice, because I like my skincare routine to be pretty straightforward and easy but still get results.

    3. And these reusable makeup pads from Makeup Eraser that I use allllll the time now without feeling extremely wasteful.

    Pink reusable makeup pads on a gray background

    4. This "Infallible" foundation powder from L'Oréal Paris that is perfect for people like me who simply do not have the patience to do more than pat some powder on your face but still want to look impossibly fresh-faced.

    5. A milk steamer to make a (semi-fancy) matcha latte whenever I want one.

    6. A bidet that sits right atop my toilet and perfectly cleans my butthole.

    An image of a bidet

    7. This intense moisturizing lotion made by La Roche-Posay that moisturizes the hell out of my skin without feeling too sticky or having a weird smell.

    An image of La Roche-Posay's Lipkar Balm AP+ on a black background

    8. These gold hoop earrings from Amazon that only cost $10 and go with quite literally everything I wear, which tbh is mostly coordinated sweat suits.

    An image of the author wearing gold hoop earrings

    9. And these big hair clips that are both cute and very functional.

    An image of the back of the author's head with her hair clipped with one of the big hair clips

    10. Fresh eucalyptus for my shower so I feel like I'm breathing deeper and relaxing even when I'm not at all relaxed or breathing as deeply as I should.

    An image of a eucalyptus plant hanging from the author's shower head

    11. This reusable cotton swab from LastSwab that, again, makes me feel less wasteful while also being completely functional.

    An image of the LastSwab Q-Tip in front of a white backdrop

    12. A mitt that buffs away my dead skin anytime I am in the shower.

    A dead skin buffer in the color burnt orange

    13. A little wheel for my spine to help relieve my back pain.

    An image of the author rolling her spine on the Chirp wheel

    14. A filter for all my cannabis accessories so I can more safely consume on a regular basis.

    An image of a MouthPeace device

    15. This seriously magical mouthwash that has completely eliminated my morning breath.

    An image of TheraBreath mouth wash

    16. And last but certainly not least is the brow freeze styling wax from Anastasia Beverly Hills.