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Posted on Jun 11, 2017

Here Are 29 Things That Used To Piss You Off In 2007

Don't you dare take me out of your top 8.

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1. When someone sent you a multimedia message on your cell even though you told them REPEATEDLY that you didn't have a data plan.

Universal Motown

2. When someone moved you from your position in their top 8 on Myspace.


3. When someone sent you and another person the same bumper sticker on Facebook so you felt way less special.

4. When you stayed up all night finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows then realized that the series was FINISHED. FOREVER.

Michael Nagle / Getty Images

5. When you just HAD to text your friend about something but couldn't because you were already 20 texts past your limit.


6. When you wanted an iPhone because the rich kid in your class had one but knew you could never.

7. When literally anyone was an apologist for Jen Bunney.


8. When you were talking to someone on your LG Chocolate but accidentally ended the call when your cheek touched the touch bar.

9. When people hung up on you by just flipping their phone shut and didn't even bother to say "bye."

XL Recordings

10. Getting your damn cell phone charm caught on everything because they were completely impractical but looked cute.

@2000looks2try / Via

11. The feeling when your S.O. didn't buy you a fucking Build-A-Bear but everyone else on the planet had one.

12. When your friend didn't tag you in one of these babies or tagged you as the "nerd." Thanks a lot, Jessica.

@_LizTheBiz / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_LizTheBiz

13. When you chose new colors for your braces, but then found someone at school with the same 👏 exact 👏 color 👏.


14. Or when you got your braces off and people didn't even freaking notice. HELLO, I WAITED YEARS FOR THIS.

15. When someone had a ringback tone of that one song you couldn't fucking stand.

Fox Searchlight

16. When someone had the audacity to borrow your Netflix envelope and forgot to return it.

17. When it seemed like everyone had cool MacBook Photo Booth photos except you, the person without a MacBook.

18. When you got approximately 10 new notifications a day about people adding you to "new phone, need numbers" groups on Facebook.

19. Trying to direct yourself using a new TomTom GPS but having to deal with some weird GPS character voice and not having any idea WTF they were telling you to do.

I changed my GPS command voice to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I feel like Im in a Terminator car chase with him commanding

20. Or when you printed out your detailed MapQuest instructions and then accidentally left them at home.

21. When your friends didn't agree with your theories about who Gossip Girl was.


22. When your friends listed their other friends as their sisters and not you.

23. Or when your "BFF" was "in a relationship" with another friend on Facebook and, once again, you weren't invited.

24. If someone had the same Facebook album name as you did. **~~SuMmEr SuN 2007~~**

25. When you got a new Myspace layout but the coding was so intense with branding that you had to spend like 20 minutes teaching yourself HTML coding to get rid of the branding.

26. Oh, and someone having the same Myspace song as you. DON'T.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

27. When you showed someone the Potter Puppet Pals YouTube video and they didn't find it as funny as you did. WTF, Mackenzie.

Neil Cicierega / Via

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...

28. Someone stepping on your heel when you wore your new Uggs or Uggs lookalikes.

29. And finally, being tricked into watching "2 girls 1 cup." WTF, JAKE.

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