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19 Things Everyone In A New Relationship Is Guilty Of Doing

Pretending you don't have bodily functions.

1. Spending nearly 25 minutes saying good-bye to each other because both of you refuse to be the first to hang up.

2. Being more polite than you've been since you were in elementary school.

3. And taking more time getting ready than you did before your first job interview.

4. Sugarcoating everything you say to make sure that it's delivered PERFECTLY.

5. Pretending that you don't have bodily functions.

6. Half-sleeping for the first SEVERAL sleepovers because you're terrified that you will snore or talk in your sleep.

7. And spending at least 10 minutes on each text even if it's just saying "haha!"

8. Showering more than you've showered in months because you want to make sure your skin smells intoxicating at all times.

9. Marking down the day you started talking.

10. Texting everyone you've ever talked to just to say the words "I have a boyfriend/girlfriend."

11. And uploading more pics than usual because you're so damn proud that you have someone new to pose with!

12. Clearing out your whole weekend just to make sure you have time to spend with them in case they ask.

13. Incessantly talking to your friends about them.

14. Holding hands until you physically cannot anymore because your palms are dripping with sweat.

15. Spending over 15 minutes conducting the perfect good-night text.

16. Planning out surprises, even if it's just to surprise them with a Chipotle burrito.

17. Sipping half of your drink, and immediately texting them about how much you like them.

18. Thinking of the most random conversation topics just because you don't want the conversation to end.

19. And even if it's only been a while, simply being unable to imagine your life without them in it.