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21 Things Every Girl Falsely Believed About High School

Thanks a lot, movies.

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1. A cute boy would ask you to be his girlfriend in front of his locker.

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2. You would always have the same lunch period as your friends.

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3. As soon as the bell rang at the end of class, you would dash from your desk out into the hall.


"Class, I am not finished." —Every teacher ever

4. And taking off your glasses and letting your hair down suddenly made you a different person.

Miramax Films

5. The popular guy would instantly notice you.


6. Which would, of course, cause the popular girls to be jealous.

20th Century Fox

7. Your teachers would be HOOOTTTT.

ABC Family

8. And one of your teachers would discover your hidden brilliance and publish your paper in the school newspaper.

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Then all of your classmates would read it and discover your hidden brilliance too.

9. You would join a sports team and make so many friends.

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10. And then you would score the winning shot during the championship game.

Warner Bros.

11. If you had to take the bus, you would sit in the back and rule the school.

Universal Pictures

12. And when you first rode the bus, you would just happen to be seated next to your new BFF.

Disney Channel

13. You would be in a class with upperclassmen, and a senior would inevitably ask you for help.


14. And because you helped them, they would think you were so cool that they would immediately ask you to join their friend group.


15. A gorgeous new boy would come to the school and find you in the library studying.


And instantly fall in love with you, because obviously.

16. And one day, while you were waiting for your parents to pick you up, the hottest upperclassman would offer you a ride on his motorcycle.

20th Century Fox

17. You might go to a dance alone, but then the babe from your science class would ask you to dance and admit he secretly loved you.


18. And speaking of dances, every school dance would feature a giant, choreographed routine that everyone in the whole school knew.

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19. You would go on a massive adventure during the night and make it back before morning and your parents would never know.

New Line Cinema

20. And prom would be the most *magical night of your life.



21. You would leave high school after having made four years of ~amazing~ memories with people that you'll be best friends with FOREVER!!!

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Forever = maybe a year longer

And then you'll realize that high school is only the beginning and the rest of your life awaits you.


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