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27 Things Every Female High School Athlete Will Understand

We kicked ours to kick yours.

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1. You pretty much lived in your practice gear.

2. You were always forced to find a place to store all your gear because your tiny ass locker wasn't doing the job.

3. You were very comfortable getting NAKED in front of lots of people.

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Because locker rooms didn't offer much privacy.

4. You basically never slept in on Saturdays because PRACTICE.

5. You were hungry ALL THE TIME, but especially right after practice.

6. Sometimes you asked the trainer or coaches to wrap your ankle just to miss out on a few minutes of practice.

You were just being SAFE, rather than SORRY.

7. You were consistently late to your first period class.

Because morning practice.

8. Pre wrap was, hands down, the greatest hair band of all time.

9. And senior night was always one of the worst nights.

Please don't leave us. :(

10. You could usually be found completing homework assignments minutes before they were due because you got home late from practice or a game.

And you ate cereal instead of doing homework, because priorities.

11. You knew EXACTLY what kind of practice you were going to have based on the coach's facial expressions.


12. You absolutely *lived* for game days.

Especially home games.

13. You never really got breaks from school because, ya know, PRACTICE.

14. You had an unbreakable bond with your teammates.

And still do.

15. In fact, your teammates essentially became your clique.

16. You could often be seen running frantically through the halls after the last bell in an effort to make it to practice on time.

Because ain't NOBODY got time to run extra for being late.

17. You STILL have a strong dislike for the name of the player that consistently ruined your life for four years.

Ban all Becky's.

18. You *lived* for the opportunities to put freshman in their place.

Except, of course, when you were a freshman.

19. You 100% most definitely had an irrational hatred of your school's other teams because yours was OBVIOUSLY THE BEST.

20. Memories were MADE on the way to and from away games.

21. Your summers were primarily dedicated to getting ready for next season.

22. And because of that, you had weird tan lines from your various sports attire.

And people loved to point them out to you.

23. When you received your Letterman Jacket, it was one of the proudest moments of your life.

24. You were most likely known by your last name only.

Lara Parker


25. You had a favorite number, and NO ONE dared to try and take it.

26. Cut offs were the elixir of life.

And days were RUINED if you forgot your sports bra to wear with your cutoff.

27. And as much as you complained during long practices, or when you had to do extra sprints...high school sports were the best time of your life.

And you kinda miss it every single day.

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