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    25 Things Every College Senior Is Tired Of Hearing

    If I knew what I was doing after college, I would tell you.

    1. "How's the job search going?"

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    Please stop talking.

    2. "You might have to move back in with your parents."

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    This thought crosses my mind every single day without your help.

    3. "Time to start acting like an adult."

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    Wait, how? Is there some sort of handout for this adult thing?

    4. "College is the best time of your life. Don't ever leave."

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    College is great and all but I'm not trying to be an eighth-year senior. Gotta leave sometime.

    5. "Bet you wish you had majored in something else, huh?"

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    6. "Good luck, you need it with this economy."

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    You're a ray of sunshine.

    7. "You know... you can't take naps in the real world."

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    Cool. Gonna go ahead and take seven this week then, just in case.

    8. "How much money will you be making?"

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    Hopefully enough to buy groceries, but that's looking questionable.

    9. "Have you found a job yet?"

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    If I had, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    10. "Your sister/brother had a job offer by this time."

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    Well isn't that just GREAT.

    11. "Postpone graduation as long as you can."

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    I'm not sure you understand how time works...

    12. "You aren't supposed to love your job. It's a job."

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    13. "Are you worried about staying in touch with your friends?"

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    Well I wasn't...

    14. "Make sure you clean up your social media presence."


    You mean I shouldn't post pictures of my keg stands on Facebook? OH OK.

    15. "Soon you'll be buying us dinner, young professional!"

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    I'll get back to you when I manage to find a job.

    16. "Have you thought about deferring your loans? Might be a good idea."


    I haven't even graduated yet. Can you not?

    17. "Enjoy your last spring break EVER."


    I hate you.

    18. "Make your résumé interesting!"



    19. "When are you settling down/getting married?"


    You're giving me hives.

    20. "Time to start planning for your future. Have you thought about a retirement fund?"

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    ...No. I haven't even thought about the day after graduation yet.

    21. "How will ___ feel about that decision?"

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    I don't know, or care. My life, right?

    22. "You know that doesn't pay well, right?"

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    If you could find a job that pays well that I am qualified for... I'm ALL EARS!

    23. "It doesn't matter what you know, just who."

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    Are you saying that the last four years of my life were a waste of time?

    24. "Maybe you should think about grad school a little more."

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    25. "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?"

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    Absolutely no idea.