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    19 Things Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Taught Us About Friendship

    Life's better when you share it with friends.

    1. First of all, Tina and Amy taught us that hanging out with your best friend is the best time you'll ever have, no matter what you're doing.


    Even if it means sitting next to each other, on your phones.

    2. And that the BEST workout you'll ever have is the one you get when you can't stop laughing at your BFF's jokes.


    Because they're obviously the funniest person you know.

    3. They taught us that best friends are always there to listen to your complaints.


    And hate all the same people that you do.

    4. And more than anything else, they are there to celebrate your triumphs.


    Because when your best friend succeeds, you succeed right along with them.

    5. They taught us that best friends are always around to keep you humble when you start to get too much attention.

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    By photobombing you or calling you out on your selfies.

    6. We learned that when life drags you down, your best friend gets dragged down right along with you.

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    And will be there to help pick you back up.

    7. And that no matter what kind of mood you're in, your BFF can always cheer you up.


    No matter how stressed you may be.

    8. We learned that best friends are so in tune with each other, they often accidentally wear the same thing.

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    It's like clothing ESP or something.

    9. And that best friends don't even have to look at each other's elbows to NAIL the high five.


    High-five to being best friends forever. <3

    10. Amy and Tina taught us that best friends go through all phases of life together.


    And that your kids become friends too.

    11. And they taught us that when you combine forces with your bestie, you become UNSTOPPABLE.


    Look out, world.

    12. Amy and Tina taught us that the best selfies are the ones with your best friend.

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    And Seth Meyers' credit card.

    13. They taught us that the BEST costumes are the ones you plan out with your BFF.


    Take a seat, COUPLES.

    14. And because of Amy and Tina, we know that best friends know exactly what you're thinking without you having to say a thing.

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    BFFs read minds.

    15. They taught us that best friends give the most meaningful hugs.

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    When you're sad, or happy.

    16. They taught us that a night out is never complete unless your bestie is by your side.


    What's the point out of a night out without your BFF?

    17. Because you're never a better dancer than when you're dancing with your BFF.


    Your moves just SYNC.

    18. They taught us that your best friend will always love you, no matter how weird you are.


    Chances are, they'll love you even more for your weirdness.

    19. And above all else, Amy and Tina taught us that life is always better when you share it with friends.

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