19 Adorable Gifts For Your Long Distance BFF

    Distance means so little when someone means so much.

    1. This keychain that will fill your heart with joy every time you see it.

    2. This poster that can be framed or hung or stared at whenever you really miss them.

    3. Or this two-state necklace so you can keep your BFF close to your heart.

    4. This decorative pillow that they can lounge on when they visit.

    5. Or this pillow to use while watching your favorite show and texting each other about it.

    6. This set of mugs so that you can share a cup of coffee together every morning.

    7. Or this set of mugs perfect for a cup of tea and a FaceTime date.

    8. This woven bracelet with the truest words to have ever been written.

    9. Or this bracelet with your states as the charms, reminding you that it's really not that far away.

    10. This silver ring with your BFF's coordinates on it, just another way to keep them close to you.

    11. This print to decorate your place and also make you wanna hug your BFF.

    12. Matching wine glasses so you never have to drink wine alone again.

    13. A necklace with your two locations on it, another great way to keep them close to your heart.

    14. A card with a heart made out of both your city's maps, perfect for any occasion.

    15. Or a card just to say "I miss you."

    16. This pendant reminding you and everyone that friend love is greater than any distance.

    17. This picture frame perfect for displaying your best selfies together.

    18. These matching necklaces that can accompany you on every trip back and forth.

    19. And, most importantly, this notebook that will help you count down the days until you see your BFF again.

    And remember that true friendship isn't about being inseparable — it's being separated and having nothing change.