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25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall

"My favorite color is October."

1. Get on that Pumpkin Spice Latte grind.

2. Filter the shit out of the trees as they change colors.

3. Buy some ~fall~ candles and burn them until the entire house smells like an autumn walk.

4. Take a picture with a pumpkin they spent all day searching for.

5. Buy anything that says the words "pumpkin spice" on it.

6. Wait in line to buy the newest iPhone.

7. Wear their fave's football jersey.

8. Coordinate Halloween outfits with other basic white girls.

9. Express their excitement for the season with Photoshop.

10. Make cookies with their KitchenAid.

11. Crunch dead leaves in Ugg boots.

12. Wear a flannel to stay warm.

13. Take engagement photos.

14. Abuse the hashtag #thankful.

Weekend Inspiration: #Thankfulness. http://t.co/PBUGzyPgQf #weekend #TGIF #thankyou #thankful #thanksgiving

15. Apply and reapply seasonal lotion from Bath & Body Works.


17. Make sure everyone who comes over to their house knows that it is indeed fall.

18. Throw a pile of leaves in the air for the Instagram.

19. Look for new fall hair colors on Pinterest.

20. Complain how cold it is while wearing a North Face.

21. Stay out all night Black Friday shopping.

22. Instagram their new boots from Black Friday on top of fallen leaves.

23. Turn a Friday night into a jack-o'-lantern carving party.

24. Throw a festive Friendsgiving.

25. And wear an infinity scarf, take a selfie in it, and never take it off for the rest of the day.