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19 Things All '90s Girls Refuse To Let Go Of

Jack and Rose forever if you know what I'm sayin'.

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1. Your Beanie Babies — because you still believe they're your retirement fund.


2. The hope that the Olsen twins will still become your best friends.

Warner Bros.

MK & A, call me!

3. The memory of your celeb crush in the form of the poster you kept on your wall.


4. Mixtapes with sentimental value and your first favorite cassettes.

Never forget.

5. And your favorite CD from the '90s — you might not ever play it, but it's still in a drawer somewhere.

So many memories.

6. The possibility of Gap reissuing the Dream scent.

If you smell it, it will come?

7. Clueless quotes.

Paramount Pictures

If you couldn't say "whatever" like Amber, would you even be human?

8. Dr Pepper Lip Smacker, your favorite beauty staple.

One in my purse right now.

9. The VHS tapes of homemade music videos you made with all of your friends.

(Plus a couple treasured movie VHS tapes... Titanic, anyone?)

10. If you still have your American Girl doll, we all know she's never, EVER going anywhere.

Because let's be honest, you also hope she's worth bank.

11. You'll never say good-bye to the idea of Jack and Rose being united in Heaven.

Fox /

Because if they aren't, then the world is all wrong.

12. Listening to the Spice Girls on the DL.

Columbia Pictures

OK, fine, it's pretty common knowledge that your karaoke jam is "2 Become 1" and that will never, ever change.

13. You'll never let go of all the physical pictures of your friends you took.

Photos were your prized possessions back then, and they still are.

14. Cory and Topanga as your relationship goal.


Ultimate couple.

15. If you're not still hanging on to an old Hello Kitty trinket or piece of stationery, you probably wish you'd kept your old loot.


16. Playing MASH with your friends.

This will forever be an activity you do a couple times a year.

17. Old issues of Sassy or other shuttered magazines.

Those are also worth something.

18. Herbal Essences — washing your hair with the pink one since 1997.

That floral scent is so comforting.

19. And you'll never say good-bye to the hope that there's a real-life Pacey out there for you somewhere.



Mrs. Witter.

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