22 Tweets About Those Damn Fidget Spinners That You'll Laugh At Even If You Don't Want To

    "Hey there Delilah, check out my new fidget spinner."

    In case you were, yanno, away from the internet for a while recently, FIDGET SPINNERS ARE A THING NOW. Teens are excited, teachers are pissed, and most importantly, there are some good tweets.

    1. Omg.

    Hey there delilah check out my new fidget spinner

    2. Wow, good question.

    when supreme gonna drop a fidget spinner collab

    3. OK, I laughed.

    just found this fidget spinner on the ground. looks expensive, if you know who it belongs to lmk!

    4. OH COME ON.

    Baby girl I'll spin you right round like a fidget spinner 💦💯

    5. Please no.



    He was almost out of the door as he turned around.His lips curled to a sly smirk as he whispered softly; Babe, can u grab my fidget spinner?

    7. *laughs and cries*

    my best fidget spinner trick is disappointing my parents

    8. Lol, stop it.

    u cant spell fidget spinner without f(i)d(get) s(pussy)inner

    9. NO, SERIOUSLY, stop it.

    10. People are changing!

    Bro ever since you got that fidget spinner you changed on me

    11. Wow, tru.

    the amount that i think fidget spinners are dumb also equals the amount that i would like to own a fidget spinner

    12. Omfg.

    women you only have $2 to spend on a man $9 - attractive $350 - has a car $2.50 - faithful $2 - does fidget spinner reviews $823 - funny

    13. Bye. Leave. We all have to leave now.

    A fidget spinner is a vape for your fingers

    14. HAHAH OK, wow.

    me: h- someone with a fidget spinner: it helps me concentrate

    15. Oh GOD NOOO.

    16. I hate this. And yet...

    i jus found someone's fidget spinner in my girls bed n it's not mine .. what should i do😔

    17. ...I laugh.

    When did this THIS become hotter than THIS?

    18. *throws away my computer*

    left hand on her thigh right hand on my fidget spinner

    19. OK, I laughed again.

    [ job interview ] "Why should we hire you?" me: *pulls out a fidget spinner & keeps it spinning for 53 seconds* "Wow, you start tomorrow"

    20. O. m. g.

    21. *screams internally*

    22. Damn it, fidget spinners. You win.

    THREAD: Avril Lavigne died and was replaced with a fidget spinner