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29 Amazing Things We Didn't Appreciate Enough In College

Hop on the drunk bus and take a trip down memory lane!

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1. Being able to take a nap whenever you felt the urge.

Falling asleep at the office just isn't gonna fly.

2. Classes that lasted less than three hours.

Zomba / Via

Going to class > 9-to-5, always.

3. Having, at most, one class on Friday.


Wait, you mean we don't get Fridays off in the real world? FUCK.

4. A guaranteed month off at Christmas time.

New Line Cinema

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.

5. Having a guaranteed summer break EVERY summer.

It's like you were a kidult.

6. Getting away with drinking cheap alcohol.

Sorry, the days of dollar pitchers are gone. LOOOOOONG gone.

7. Those sweet, sweet student discounts at your favorite stores.

You still try to use that discount at J.Crew even though you're 25.

8. Having free transportation to the college bar of your choice.

Face it, the drunk bus was one of your best friends in college.

9. Choosing your own classes...

Wanna go for business classes? DO IT. English classes? Why not!

10. ...and also the very underrated bullshit classes that just made your life easier.

The Easy A's in life are still very much in fact A's.

11. Three words: FREE. GYM. MEMBERSHIP.

Breaking a sweat ain't cheap in the real world!

12. You can get away with not doing your homework or the reading, if you really want.

But skipping an assignment at work? Not so much.

13. Also, college sports are basically the best thing ever.

Getting boozed up and cheering on for your school? YAAASS.

14. Then there's all that "free" swag you get all the time.

OK, so your tuition is *technically* paying for that shirt, but it still feels pretty good to get it, right?!

15. Yup, DEFINITELY all that food.

Sorry, meal points and free pizza at those Debate Club meetings don't exist IRL.

16. Those incredible curves in those wicked hard classes.

Sorry, that 9-to-5 job that's super difficult does NOT grade on a curve.

17. Group projects, because in retrospect, they weren't *that* bad in college.


OK, so you always ended up with at least one slacker and one really bossy person, but working in groups in the real world is an infinitely more difficult struggle.

18. The ease of going out on weeknights.


Going out on a Tuesday in college? Easy peasy. Going out on a Tuesday in the real world? THE STRUGGLE!!!

19. Cancelled classes, which were basically like surprise Christmas days.

If only your boss could cancel work every now and then...

20. Pregaming, because duh.

I mean, you still pregame in the real world. But really, those beer pong matches were WAY more epic in school.

21. Getting back that textbook money at the end of the semester.

It was NEVER as much as you hoped for, but beer money is beer money, amiright?!?!

22. Spring Break. Duh.


23. The biggest work-related problem you had was figuring out how to add 300 more words to your essay.

I smell bullshit...

24. Summer internships, which were secretly kind of fun.

20th Century Fox

It's like a job, except no one expects anything of you... and you can take cool Instagrams in work clothes. WIN-WIN.

25. Wearing whatever the fuck you want to class.

Universal Pictures


26. Seeing your ex on the quad, because at the time, it was sort of satisfying.

Sony Pictures

Aw, it was kind of cute remembering those futon hookups. If you see a former flame in the real world, however, it's best to just run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

27. Having mentorship from professors so easily available.

You basically had your own real-life Dumbledore.

28. Real talk: THE HEALTH CENTER.

Access to counseling, healthcare, even just general health advice? YES PLEASE. That shit ain't cheap in the real world!!!

29. And most important of all, being surrounded by your friends ALL the time.

Whether you were living with your besties or could grab a meal with them at your convenience, you were practically tripping over your college friendships.

Yeah, they last a lifetime. But you wish they were ALWAYS by your side.

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