This Is The Difference Between Freshman Year And Senior Year Of College

    A lot can change in four years.

    1. Freshman year: Your dorm is decked out and decorated head-to-toe in Target's best.

    Senior year: Using whatever you have to decorate, which might just be alcohol.

    2. Freshman year: Up early enough to grab breakfast with your other friends who are also awake.

    Senior year: It takes AT LEAST four alarms to wake your ass up.

    3. Freshman year: Excited early-morning snap about the first day of classes.

    Senior year: A snap sent 30 seconds after you rolled out of bed and you're already late to the first day of class.

    4. Freshman year: Eating whatever the hell you want on your huge meal plan.

    Senior year: Making a freshman give you a meal swipe while you take full advantage of the dining hall.

    5. Freshman year: Taking notes in class.

    Senior year: Taking notes in class.

    6. Freshman year: Going to the dining hall after classes to get a hearty dinner.

    Senior year: Making the most out of what you have and making a hearty meal.

    7. Freshman year: Tailgating with friends, dressed in your school colors, taking the cutest pictures.

    Senior year: Tailgate starting at 7 a.m., asleep by noon, and you never even make it to the game.

    8. Freshman year: Spending hundreds of dollars on the textbooks for every single one of your classes.

    Senior year: Borrowing the books you really need and using the money on something more fun.

    9. Freshman year: Napping in your dorm in between classes.

    Senior year: Napping literally anywhere, anytime.

    10. Freshman year: Drinking too much in your dorm.

    Senior year: Drinking too much in a house that is decorated with old alcohol bottles and beer boxes.

    11. Freshman year: Attending every job fair, ever.

    Senior year: Interviewing for internships and jobs without pants.

    12. Freshman year: Working in the alumni call center to earn a few bucks.

    Senior year: Earning money literally however you can.

    13. Freshman year: Studying extra hard for days leading up to the exam and getting a great score.

    Senior year: Barely studying because you have lost all ability to care.

    14. Freshman year: You can't ever imagine leaving college.

    Senior year: You still can't ever imagine leaving college, but you know you have to...and you're ready.