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The 13 Stages Of Falling For Someone On Vacation

"It wasn't over, it still isn't over."

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1. There they are. Your eyes lock. It's the first day. This could be the start of something beautiful. You continue to make eyes at each other the rest of the day.

2. You suddenly notice all the things you have in common. They like reading by the pool and SO. DO. YOU. You make a move.

3. You begin a conversation and it lasts for hours. You are entranced. This might be it.

4. The beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere is practically forcing you into each other's arms.

5. You stay up all night cuddling on the beach.

6. You talk about everything. Even about the time you had head gear. This love has no boundaries. You feel on top of the world.

7. You spend the rest of the time with your vacation romance. You make a year's worth of memories in just one week.

8. Suddenly, it's the last day together. Your beautiful romance has an expiration date.

9. You spend the last moment together as you make promises of staying in touch. After all, you're totally in love.

10. You say your tearful goodbyes and go on your way.

11. The first week home you exchange texts and snaps all day. You miss each other soooo much.

12. Weeks go by and the sweet messages begin to fade. The distance is just too much. But your wonderful memories will never fade.

13. Everything returns to normal. Until the next vacation... and the next romance.