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18 Texts Everyone With A Long-Distance BFF Will Recognize

When can you FaceTime?

1. When you're trying to meet friends in your city, and failing:

2. When you're doing a BFF activity and really, really miss yours:

3. When you know they're coming to town and you're preparing for their arrival:

4. And when the countdown to seeing each other is in the double digits:

5. When you meet someone you might really like:

6. When you're lying in bed, laughing at your inside jokes:

7. When you're in different time zones, but text 24/7 anyway:

8. When your BFF is having a bad day:

9. When you're dreamin' out loud:

10. When you're stalking your BFF on social media to keep updated on their life:

11. When your BFF starts making new friends:

12. When you're planning your weekly hangout session:

13. When you actually saw each other IRL, and then had to go back to the real world:

14. When you're missing the hell out of your BFF but feeling optimistic:

15. When your BFF left your place 10 minutes before:

16. When you miss their birthday, again:

17. When you're looking at flights and find a gem:

18. And when you realize how much distance doesn't matter when it comes to you and your BFF: